Ottawa, Ont. – Environmental Defence is extremely disappointed that the federal government has allowed Alberta and Saskatchewan to move forward with weak methane regulations, rather than strengthening federal regulations and insisting that those provinces improve theirs to match. Finalizing these agreements represents a failure of conviction on climate change from the Canadian government, given that methane emission reductions are some of the cheapest climate solutions available in Canada.

The federal government’s own analysis shows that Canada will fall far short of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s commitment to reduce methane emissions, foregoing 5 to 7 million tonnes of avoided greenhouse gases by 2025. These agreements will be challenging to open up before their expiry at the end of 2024, significantly increasing the chances that Canada will miss the 2025 target.

This meek approach to reducing emissions of a potent greenhouse gas – one that could be almost entirely eliminated in the next decade – casts further doubt on Canada’s commitment to fighting climate change, even while Canadians face mounting climate impacts. The Canadian government needs to stop bending over backwards to the Big Oil lobby and oil-friendly provincial governments at the expense of public health and action on the climate emergency.

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