Toronto, Ont. – Environmental Defence applauds the federal government for committing significant funding to important infrastructure projects—including clean energy, energy efficiency, and zero-emission buses—that will help to transition the Canadian economy away from fossil fuels and towards healthier communities. Though important details are still to come, this is the kind of public investment that will allow for a green and just recovery from the economic impacts of COVID-19, while addressing climate pollution and creating many new good jobs.

This investment will reduce major sources of pollution, including carbon emissions, nitrous oxides and particulates in fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, and in transportation and buildings.

The benefits of a green recovery are many. Investment in electric buses can improve air quality, save lives, and create more jobs in Canada’s already growing industry. Building retrofits can employ thousands of Canadians in the manufacture of building products such as windows, HVAC systems and insulations as well as during the retrofit process.

We encourage the federal government to continue earmarking funds for green infrastructure, and complement these investments with regulations that will reduce industrial and transportation pollution and make our communities healthier and more prosperous.

We are awaiting details on renewable power generation support, including information that assures the Canadian public that any moves to support hydrogen production are zero carbon and linked to more efficient and cost effective use of renewable electricity.

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