SpringIntoAction2I love spring. From rushing rivers to the first blooms of cherry blossoms, spring is a time of possibility and excitement.

This spring I’m delighted to share with you our new website, which has a fresh new look designed specifically to help you take action on issues you care about.

On our new site, it’s now easier than ever to be heard. With mobile-responsive petition pages, you can take action on-the-go. You can speak out about the need to protect one of our most precious resources – our Canadian freshwater. You can urge companies and governments to reduce Canadians’ exposure to toxic chemicals. You can speak out against risky pipelines and redundant highways. And you can voice your support for building a clean economy.

We’ve improved the site’s navigation so you can more easily find what you’re looking for. Want your spring cleaning to be toxic-free? Check out this handy guide. Love spring hikes in the forest? Read about local forests are under threat. Wish that spring road trip had lower emissions? Get information on electric vehicles in Ontario.

The new site clearly explains who we are, solutions we’re working on for Canada’s most pressing environmental challenges, and how you can get involved in building a cleaner, safer future for this generation and those to come.

We’ve also introduced new content like profiles of our supporters, timelines of our successes and interactive quizzes. We even gave our popular blog a facelift. With smart topic filters, you can now find more blogs on issues that matter to you. And over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be making even more changes to the site to boost its functionality.

We’re excited about our website’s fresh new look. Across Canada, a growing movement is helping solve environmental challenges. Our new website will make it even easier for you to join the movement and spring into action. We invite you to check out our new website today.